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Hussey Quattro Collection - Fixed Auditorium Chairs (Revit Realistic Visual Style)

At Revitus, we take great pride in the services we offer. That is evident throughout our work. We will be pleased to help your company enter the BIM era by establishing a Revit Content Library of the products you manufacture. From 2D Detail Component Libraries to fully parametric, information-rich 3D Revit Families, we are ready to work with you to create the Revit Content that will help you get specified on more jobs and help your company become more successful by enhancing your market share. With our services, we can help you once again become compatible with Architects that may specify your products, who are now using Revit instead of AutoCAD.

For the Architects:
All of the Revit Families we build are developed with native Revit objects (no CAD Imports). We use the Seek Guidelines as our general guide for consistency and industry standardization. All of our content is free and we intend to offer it all here on our website as well as the manufacturer sites. But we ask you, if you use our products in your BIM, please specify the manufacturer that provided it to you. For our Revit Families, we incorporate the fundamental functionality required to specify the product properly, while trying to find the balance between features and performance.

For the Manufacturers:
When you join forces with Revitus, our focus is on your needs. As a smaller scale service consultant, we will give you the personal attention that you deserve, while offering highly specialized services at highly competitive rates. As part of our business model, you'll also get our exclusivity guarantee*, meaning we won't work with your direct competitors (conditions apply). Our goal is to support one company from each market sector in each industry. We do this to help you maximize the return on your investment and gain a competitive advantage to increase your market share.

Other Services:
Besides developing Revit Families, we also have experience with BIM Implementation and Standards Development. We can offer on-site Revit proficiency training custom tailored to meet your needs, whether you run an architectural firm or a manufacturing company. We also offer open-ended Revit support for manufacturers that don't require full time BIM staff.

We have a strong passion for working in the Revit project environment as well. Every year, we develop a Custom Dream Home. Our 2015 Dream Home is a 3,900 SF 2-Story Craftsman that we will be featuring here on our website in the very near future.

To round out our services, we also contract with architects who need help in a pinch, offering Building Information Modeling services to help them complete their projects on time and on budget. Revitus has over 12 years experience working on residential and commercial buildings using Revit.

Check out our Rendering of the Master Bedroom Suite we designed for our 2010 Dream Home.

Revitus 2010 Dream Home - Master Bedroom Suite (Click to Enlarge)

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Eco-Screen by Kane - Rendering created with Revit Architecture 2011 Kitchen Rendering created with Revit Architecture 2011 PSS Model 3103 - Ceiling-Hung Basketball Backstop

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